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Addressing the challenges of emerging markets in social media

The International Conference on Social Media Marketing in Emerging markets, which was organized by L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) along with the Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM), saw healthy discussions and debates on the continuous rise of social media marketing.

A two day summit brought together marketing professionals from varied industries, accomplished academics and researchers and political strategists. Sharing individual experiences on various facets of social media and feedback about the in–depth understanding of social media, the conference aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of social media and develop key methods and models to enhance effectiveness of marketing in emerging markets.

The inaugural session of the conference was kick–started by Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool. He said, “The Social Media boom has established this medium as an imperative part of a holistic marketing strategy as it has proved to be hugely beneficial for businesses in reducing costs, improving customer service and creating an online personality and the same has been widely accepted globally. However, new businesses and entrepreneurs in India have not started using social media to its fullest potential. By hosting the international conference, WeSchool endeavors to build, strengthen and deepen awareness on social media usage in India, by engaging leading social media experts and academicians. Social media industry in India is still in nascent stage and WeSchool foresees opportunity for society, businesses and MBA graduates to effectively use social media tools for growth”

The conference was also a source for surprising statistics. For instance, it mentioned that Social Media in India grew at a record 37% last year, as reported by Emarketer, a US research firm. It was also learnt that around 89% of social media audience is covered by the age group ranging from 18-29 years making the youth a dominating force.
In addition to the presence of Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, the conference also saw participation from key members like Nishanth Rao - Country Head Linkendin and Mr.Sanjeev Bickchandani - Naukri.com to name a few.

This conference at WeSchool was specially designed and crafted to provide a wholesome understanding on social media marketing strategies and initiatives by industry experts that covered important topics like Customer Acquisition, Increasing the impact on potential customers etc.



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