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Welingkar's Collaboration With Israeli Universities Is a Boon For Students, Says Dr. Uday Salunkhe

In a recent turn of events, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research announced its collaboration with Tel-Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University of Negev and IDC Herzliya. These three bodies are well known Hi Tec International Universities in Israel.

WeSchool is a leading Indian B-School with its campus presences in Mumbai and Bangalore. Having signed a 5 year MoU with the Israeli Universities, Welingkar aims at enhancing mutual academic exchanges ranging from activities such as –

  • Exchange of students
  • Research scholars and faculty
  • Exchange of academic information
  • Materials and programs
  • Joint research activities and publications
  • Co-organizing joint conferences and workshops as well as international training
  • Participation in seminars and academic programs
  • Special short-term academic programmes
  • Research visits for students
  • Scholarship plans of mutual interest.

David Akov, Consul General, Cosulate General of Israel congratulated WeSchool on its international collaboration. He quoted, "It gives us a great joy to learn that Welingkar Institute of Management has signed MOU with three leading universities/institutes in Israel viz. Tel-Aviv University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and IDC Herzliya. It shows that education & research has become an important area in strengthening the flourishing Indo-Israel relations and the universities on both sides are equally eager to collaborate with each other. It was your first visit to Israel. I am sure there will be many more visits in the future to deepen the contacts WeSchool has made in Israel and I am sure that Israeli universities will reciprocate your efforts."

Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkar Institute, shared the details of the new initiative. He added, "With India building closer ties with the country, a delegation of the top hi-tech universities from Israel, looking at developing working models with leading Indian Institutions had paid a visit to WeSchool to deliberate on collaborative projects of mutual interest during last year."

His thoughts echoed the vision that WeSchool's allegiance with the three universities will provide students with an international exposure and connect them with the culture of innovation, smart city initiatives, and civic governance systems as well as start up scenario that Israel has a made a mark in.

His final words on the collaboration showcased Welingkar's efforts and long term vision to bring the best of both worlds for its students. "We believe that this power-packed combination will not only enhance the skill quotient and employability of our students manifold, but will also help them to attain the desired level of proficiency and boost their confidence to enter the competitive global entrepreneurial arena," Dr. Uday Salunkhe concluded.

The Value Of Triple Helix Model Of Business Development

Welingkar School of Management Development and Research hosted an interactive discussion to demonstrate the value of the TRIPLE HELIX model of business development recently.

The discussion forum was held at Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool), Mumbai, and was moderated by Srikant Illuri from Business Sweden. The forum gave an opportunity to students to participate in an open discussion about the needs of modern businesses.

On April 23rd, The India Sweden Innovations Accelerator programme, together with the Welingkar School of Management, Mumbai, spent the day in out of the box discussions that talked about the need for new ways of thinking, for the future of energy development and international partnerships. Dr Uday Salunkhe, Director of Welingkars, wanted the students to explore the options of the Triple Helix model of business and hence, came up with this idea.

'If you were to ask people in 1901 what they wanted to make their lives easier, they would have said faster horses. It took Henry Ford to see that it was horsepower that would change lives,' says Robert Sundqvist from S-Solar. For sustainability, energy innovation becomes important.

The TRIPLE HELIX Model was introduced, by Mälardalen University, Sweden as a core component of developing Sweden's innovation systems. Dr Uday Salunkhe organized for WeSchool to team up with the India Sweden Innovations Accelerator (ISIA) to create Industrial driven research partnerships. Each of the ISIA companies is now working with a team of three students. The teams will work, in friendly competition, to provide India relevant business strategies. Ludvig Lindström from the Swedish Energy Agency reconfirmed this, 'we are lucky to have WeSchool as project Associates. Their students will work with the ISIA companies to provide best fits for the Indian market. Forward looking partnerships like this only make the programme stronger.' The winning team will be hosted in Sweden and have the chance to intern with their research company.

WeSchool provides quality MBA level management education courses relevant to the industry demand and in keeping with the current times. Established in the year 1972, the school focused on giving a new dimension to Business Studies. It is part of the Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali, which has 43 prominent institutions across the country under its purview. WeSchool believes in the excellence of quality education catered in relevance to the current times and industry demands; thus giving students a complete educational experience.

Along with providing full-time business management courses, WeSchool has also been responsible in pioneering various part-time Diploma & Certification Programs and Post Graduate Diploma In Management through hybrid learning format. WeSchool has gained the distinction of being one of the few institutes whose hybrid programs have been accredited by erstwhile Distance Education Council (DEC), an apex agency, responsible for recognizing Open and Distance Learning Institutions in India.



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